Goldcrest - Goudhaan


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The Goldcrest is the smallest bird of Europe! It's about 9¬†cm in length and weighs between 4,5‚Äď7,0¬†g.
Somewhat like hummingbirds goldcrests are able to hover(!) while they are on the hunt for insects and spiders. First time I saw this I was amazed, it's so different from regular flying and I had no idea they are able to do this!
With their tiny bodies and weight of only 5 grams it's hard to imagine goldcrests could be able to fly long distances but they are and they do! Depending on how harsh winter is, they stay put or fly off to warmer areas.
Goldcrests are being called 'king of the birds' in European folklore. The scientific name, regulus regulus, means little/ small king.
Goldcrests build nests in conifers. The nest looks like a cup made of moss and cobwebs, lined with feathers.

Watercolour on wooden panel mounted with watercolour paper
20 x 20 cm

‚ā¨ 500,-

(Price includes framing)