After watching a news item about Dutch illustrator Thé Tjong-Khing I knew what I wanted to do when I grew up. I had always been drawing and knew I never ever wanted to stop but now I knew what that could look like.
Since that time I wanted to share my art and make people happy with my art just as artists before me had made me happy. My art always has been a way to communicate, show and share.

My most recent art is heavily influenced by a dramatic event that took place in 2013.
Very unexpectedly my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer and only a few days after her diagnosis she died.
In the period shortly after this I felt cut off from the world, as if the wind could just pick me up or blow right through me.
I would go out for long walks in nature and slowly started to land again. I would have the overwhelming feeling of being connected to nature, to the natural world, the trees, the animals… Everything that grew and died and in death made it possible for other beings to live. I started to feel rooted again.
My art became about sharing these experiences. Sharing my love for nature, its beauty and the overwhelming force that nature (or life) is.

My love for fairy tales, stories and the alienating is getting more apparent in my most recent work and I want to explore this further.