Statue at my dad's place.
It's Ardhanarishvara, hindu 'god', half male (Shiva), half female (Parvati). Perfect synthesis between 'purusha' and 'prakriti'. Just that you know πŸ˜‰

(September 7th 2015)

Finally I can show you what I was up to a few weeks ago. I did a adoption announcement for a Dutch family that adopted a boy from Kenya!
I really enjoyed doing this commission and I'm glad the family was very happy with the result πŸ˜„

(September 7th 2015)

Small statue I bought years ago in Berlin. I love owls and Greek mythology so couldn't resist 😌

(September 6th 2015)

Picked this today. I guess it's from some kind of Physalis but google didn't help me out much. It had blue flowers πŸ’™

(September 5th 2015)

Finished! Now on to new 🎨✏ adventures!

(September 5th 2015)

I think this might be right... finished or... πŸ˜‹

(September 4th 2015)

When I found this beechnut it was still closed shut, next morning it had opened to reveal two nuts. Noticing the holes I guess someone must've found their way in πŸ˜‰πŸƒ

(September 4th 2015)

Okay, today is such a rainy day this is the only right attire for a daily walk in the woods: my Greenpeace wale rainboots!
Design by Merel Barends

(September 4th 2015)

Another day (and another shoe) at vintage clothing store Vindit Vintage πŸ‘  πŸ˜„

(September 3rd 2015)

On my walk through the Amsterdam forest I found this feather. I think it belonged to a common buzzard but not 100% sure... πŸƒ

(September 2nd 2015)

I think I should throw these out... but they are such fun to draw!! 🌻

(September 1st 2015)

I just love nature's forms and patterns πŸŒ³πŸƒ

(August 31th 2015)

Broken home 🏠

(August 30th 2015)

Just before bed 😴

(August 29th 2015)


(August 29th 2015)

A little while ago I found this recently died Longwing butterfly at the butterfly garden at Artis the Amsterdam zoo.
It was so perfect I took it home and put it up resting against something hoping it would stand on its own and it worked!! πŸ¦‹

(August 28th 2015)

With the right aquipment this would've been an amazing shoot!!
European hornet picks flying wasp right out of the air, they wrestle a bit and within a minute the wasp was gone 🐝🐝

(August 28th 2015)

Shoe at the vintage clothing store I work at once a week. Sometimes I wish I could walk on these... still prefer my army boots πŸ˜‰ πŸ‘ 

(August 27th 2015)

New plant to liven up the livingroom 😊🌱

(August 26th 2015)

Really-really, small, teeny-tiny grey feather 😊

(August 25th 2015)

I just love the curly forms πŸ’š

(August 24th 2015)

(August 24th 2015)

Another treasure from the Amsterdam forest 🌳🌳🌳🌰

(August 23rd 2015)

During my (almost) daily walk through the Amsterdam Forest I noticed this bright green dot on the dirtroad.
It ended up being this beautiful male Southern Oak Bush Cricket or in Dutch: Zuidelijke Boomsprinkhaan 🐜
Funny thing is that this insect in English is considered a cricket (krekel) and in Dutch a grasshopper (sprinkhaan)...

(August 22nd 2015)

Found this half eaten hazelnut today.

(August 21st 2015)

Making a mess πŸ˜†

(August 20th 2015)

Don't like drawing in a hurry but hey, what can you do...

(August 19th 2015)

Another pinecone 😊 🌲

(August 18th 2015)

Working on a commission 😊

(August 17th 2015)

(August 17th 2015)

(August 16th 2015)

New sketchbook (better paper), new possibilities πŸ˜„

(August 15th 2015)

Final page of my first Drawing A Day sketchbook. I wasn't really happy about the paperquality so on to new adventures in my new sketchbook!
Found these acorns today in the 'Amsterdam Forest' 🌳

(August 14th 2015)

The rock still needs some work... then on to her hair! πŸ˜„

(August 13th 2015)

Peacock feather, sort of...

(August 13th 2015)

My favourite pencil brand, too bad they're not available anymore...

(August 12th 2015)


(August 11th 2015)

Found these miniature wings yesterday πŸ˜„

(August 11th 2015)

On with this one 😊

(August 10th 2015)

Dried poppy seed capsule

(August 10th 2015)

Lovely found treasure from a few months ago. It's a Morpho Peleides and I didn't stumble on it on the streets of Amsterdam, I found it dead at the butterfly garden at the Amsterdam zoo Natura Artis Magistra.

(August 9th 2015)

Yesterday I visited the ruins of castle Brederode. Really beautiful place where I found this barn owl feather 🏰

(August 8th 2015)

Hasty evening sketch ✏

(August 7th 2015)

From a bouquet of wild flowers 🌸🌼🌿

(August 6th 2015)

Picking fruit at Fruittuinen van WestΒ πŸ‡πŸ‡

(August 5th 2015)

Bird skull (incomplete πŸ˜‰)

(August 5th 2015)

Large Yellow Underwing or in Dutch Huismoeder

(August 4th 2015)

Enjoying the sun 🌻

(August 3rd 2015)

Small birthdaygift 🎁

(August 2nd 2015)

Real size mini seashell πŸ˜„πŸš

(August 1st 2015)


(August 1st 2015)

Green veined white or in Dutch Klein geaderd witje

(July 31st 2015)

Lost jaw

(July 30th 2015)

Withered rosebud 🌹

(July 29th 2015)

More flowers 🌸

(July 28th 2015)

Mini rose in bloom πŸŒΉπŸƒ

(July 27th 2015)

Daisy picked for mom 🌼
(that's not me πŸ˜‰)

(July 26th 2015

Not my drawing materials... πŸ˜„

(July 25th 2015)

Plant-seed-thingy πŸƒπŸŒ±

(July 24th 2015)

My vest

(July 23rd 2015)

These small drypoint etchings have moved toΒ Op, the new artstore byΒ @koningjudith
I will let you know more as soon as Op opens its doors πŸ˜„

(July 23rd 2015)

Tea time

(July 22nd 2015)

MothΒ having a napΒ on my bicycle handle πŸ˜„

(July 21st 2015)

Printing!! πŸ˜„

(July 20th 2015)


(July 20th 2015)

Remains of a crab I found during a walk on the beach 🐚

(July 19th 2015)

Parasaurolophus at the windowsill 🐊

(July 18th 2015)

Picking fruit at the Fruittuin van WestΒ πŸ‡πŸ’πŸ“

(July 18th 2018)

Small pebble I found on a walk through the Dutch dunes. It has a perfect round hole in it πŸ˜„

(July 17th 2015)

Remains of a peach πŸ‘

(July 16th 2015)

Day 2, so far so good...

(July 15th 2015

After lots of cleaning my homestudio is almost ready for printing!! πŸ˜„

(July 14th 2015)

Finally back to doing my Drawing a Day...

(July 14th 2015)

MeetΒ  the Linosaur, the biggest linocut cut and printed in one go in the world! It's 2x20 meters and made by Grafisch Collectief Thoets in 2000.
Because of its size it's very rare to have it on display but as of this Friday it's part of a big project at the Sint Laurens church (De Grote Kerk) in Alkmaar, The Netherlands!!
From July 10th - August 30th :-D

(July 8th 2015)

Sometimes drawings end up back home... These are from 2002, the man who bought them recently passed away.Β Happy the "kids" are home, sad about the how and why :`(

(July 6th 2015)

Drawing water and leaves

(July 4th 2015)

The temperature in my studio is rising (28 degrees C now), so maybe it's time for a small break

(July 3rd 2015)


(July 1st 2015)

Books I'm reading :-D

(June 30th 2015)

(June 27th 2015)


(June 26th 2015)


(June 23rd 2015)

Didn't get much done today but I know where to go from here

(June 22nd 2015)

WIP Much more happy about the result now. Next week I'll add colour 🎨

(June 19th 2015)

WIP Visiting weevil (which is part of a bigger drawing)
"Let me tell you about a friend of mine
His name's Boll Weevil, check him out..."
- Presidents of the United States of America

(June 17th 2015)

WIP I would love to have my feet in the water like this. When does summer start?

(June 16th 2015)

Seethrough butterfly ❀️

(June 8th 2015)

Can't wait to continue on this piece next week!

(June 5th 2015)

Mr. Sherlock Holmes is just part of the Crime Window I did at the American Book Center AmsterdamΒ πŸͺ“

(June 4th 2015)

WIP Crime Window for American Book Center Amsterdam.

(June 2nd 2015)


(May 31st 2015)

Pegasus at the KunstRAIΒ πŸ˜‰

(May 30th 2015)

Guess where I was todayΒ πŸ˜‰

(May 28th 2015)

(May 27th 2015)

All my inky stuff ❀️

(May 26th 2020)

Finished. On to new adventures!
(btw this is just the upper part)

(May 22nd 2015)

These bats are ready for the studio exhibition I'm having May 31st :-)

(May 21st 2015)

Ready to frame!

(May 19th 2015)

Bumblebee ❀️

(May 18th 2015)

WIP Portrait of my brother :-)

(May 16th 2015)

Finding inspiration in the Dutch dunes :-)
(Tyria Jacobaeae)

(May 15th 2015)

Another project I'm working on. It's on its way being a portrait of my brother :-)

(May 14th 2015)

Tiny bat from a little while ago <3

(May 13th 2015)

Yay, just finished all 3 illustrations for the (Lemniscaat) WorldWide Picture BookIllustration Competition 2015!! (WWPBIC)

(May 12th 2015)

Little Reds hours are numbered...

(May 11th 2015)

WIP Little Red Riding Hood defending her basket of gifts.Β I hope to finish this tonight!

(May 10th 2015)

Grandma was really tasty...

(May 9th 2015)

A while back I found this little mouse in the kitchen of the store I used to work :-)

(May 8th 2015)

Study for another illustration

(May 8th 2015)


(May 7th 2015)

Back at the job :-)

(May 7th 2015)