Welcome to my About page. Here you can read a bit about me and my art.
In 1999 I graduated at the Amsterdam School of Arts, Academy of Fine Arts in Education
now called Breitner Academy.
In 2001 I joined graphical studio Grafisch Collectief Thoets, a group of artists who share a large studio. The studio was founded in 1980 and is specialized in techniques like etching, lithography and silkscreen. The studio had to move in December 2020 and this was also the time I left the group. Now I do all my lino's from my home studio.
From 2004 to 2018 I exhibited my art at Art Amsterdam Spui. The same year I left this open air artmarket I joined Kunstenaarsvereniging Sint Lucas.
This is an art association consisting of about 50 members exhibiting their art on multiple occasions a year. Kunstenaarsvereniging Sint Lucas was founded in 1880 and had many famous members like Jan Toorop and Piet Mondriaan.

I get my inspiration mostly from nature, not only its beauty but also its fragility and the finality of it. My art looks realistic but sometimes has a (dark) fairytale-like atmosphere.

As a little girl I adored my childhood picture books and decided at a young age I wanted to pass on the joy I experienced through these books to other people through my own art.
To find inspiration I love to stroll around in nature and take pictures of all the treasures I can find.
If you want to know more about my
inspiration and the art supplies I use please click the links below or in this paragraph.


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