a) Linocut cut in two, b) Lino inked and put together again, c) Test print with baren by Woodzilla

Yesterday I printed the edition of The Frog Prince I started drawing a month ago. 

From the beginning I planned to print the frog in black and the ball in gold ink, since it is the
golden ball that belongs to a certain princess who accidentally dropped it in a well.

I wasn’t sure how I would do this and in the end I decided to cut the print in two (which was
quite a delicate endeavour) and print them at the same time.

So I would separately apply black ink to the frog, gold ink to the ball and then puzzle the two
parts together (which again, was a very delicate endeavour) and print them by hand.

The baren I used for printing was made by Jan Elzinga or Woodzilla, you can find his Etsy shop here.