During the Christmas holidays I didn't have much time to go to the Amsterdam Forest and
unfortunately I didn't have much time to draw either.

Today I had a walk in a mostly bare Amsterdam Forest when I noticed a dark shape hanging in
a tree. The dark shape hung at eye level.
At first I thought it was trash, a lost glove or a broken bicycle saddle. 
Taking a look up close it
turned out to be a dead crow! 
It was such a curious image... I took a number of photos to
work from later.

I could not leave the crow hanging like that. I imagined the poor animal hanging from the tree
until it would rot and fall apart.

With the help of a plastic bag I easily got the crow out of the tree. Doing this I found that the
animal, apart from some bone fractures, had no wounds and probably fell down dead and got
stuck on its way down.

Once I had the animal in my hands I decided to take it home to draw. The result is the three
pages above.