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This particular bird I often see in groups only when it's startled and flies off in a hurry.
The male is, as is often the case with songbirds, more colorful than the female and I was truly looking forward to painting the colourful plumage.
Part of this is a memory from my childhood, I must have been 8 or 9 years old and I was at school. The teacher was reading a story.
Meanwhile I was drawing and from time to time looking out of the window.
From where I sat I suddenly noticed this beautiful bird! It had such amazing colours, I had never seen this bird before, I had discovered a new bird, I was sure of it!!
At home I immediately grabbed my book about songbirds and found out the bird already had been discovered, it was the male chaffinch.
This beautiful giclée art print of my watercolour Chaffinch captures the original perfectly.

Archival Giclée Art Print
Picture size 20 x 20 cm (same size as the original)
Paper size 30 x 30 cm
275 gram Hahnemühle White Velvet paper
Signed & numbered limited edition of 100

Print €50,-
Shipping costs within the Netherlands €10,-