January 7th, 2014

Yesterday I picked up the key to my new, shared studio at Retort Ateliers. I will be sharing
a space with my good friend Nanette Kraaikamp and I’m really looking forward to  this collaboration.

Nanette and I both studied at the Academy of Fine Art in Education in Amsterdam. Only after
raduating and bumping into each other years later we became friends. As we both are artists
we talk a lot about (our) art, ideas and art related troubles. When one of us gets a bit
disillusioned, talking about it makes us feel better and ready for the next hurdle in our studio.

Since 2013 we made these talks monthly, keeping each other in check and on the right track.

Together with 6 other artists I also share a studio called Grafisch Collectief Thoets, it’s
specialized in graphical techniques such as etching, lithography and silkscreen printing.
I won’t be leaving Thoets, I like printing and my colleagues too much to leave. I hope the
addition of Retort Ateliers and working in the same space with a good friend will generate
lots of inspiration and new art.

When Nanette and I stepped out of the studio to have a cup of coffee and hot chocolate a
beautiful rainbow appeared. It stood in front of us like an arch only fading when we were about
to go inside and enjoy our hot drinks. I think this new adventure can't go wrong :)