This was the 3rd time I participated in Leslie Saeta’s ‘30 Paintings in 30 Days’ challenge
and it was the hardest and most challenging of all.

For the longest of time I’ve been trying to start making lino’s again but every time something
would come up or I would simply decide to do something else.

In the past I’ve done lots of etchings and lino’s. In 2008 I injured my thumb and wrist
by working too hard on a commissioned etching. I thought that if I took some time off,
gave my hand a rest, the pain would disappear like it did before but it didn’t.
It turned out to be an inflamed muscle or tendon, the doctors weren’t sure. To my
frustration I didn’t get the proper help and ended up not being able to make art with my
drawing hand for a year.

First I switched to my left hand and after a while back to my right and to inks. It took years
before I could use pencils and pastels again without hurting. Etching and lino are physically
very demanding so getting back in the saddle of making linocuts was a biggie.

That’s why I decided to turn Leslie Saeta’s ‘30 Paintings in 30 Days’ challenge into the
'15 Lino’s in 30 Days' challenge. Cut one day, print the next.

I knew this was going to be a difficult challenge and wasn’t sure if I would be able to finish it
because of my old injury. But I did!

It is a huge relief to know I’m able to do lino’s again, maybe even drypoint etchings! I just
need to set some rules for myself. Important is to take regular, small brakes.

So after 30 days of hard work I ended up with 15 new lino’s in one month’s time, which is a lot!
I ended up with some callus on my fingertips and (only) 4 cuts in my fingers.
Most importantly I ended up with the knowledge I can do lino’s again and I’m able to
take on big projects!!

Edit: You can find my Sleeping Animals series here 😴