January 14th, 2014

When my home wasn’t my home yet and up for rent I immediately fell in love with the big,
broad windowsill. I could picture myself sitting there, reading and drawing on top of a huge
pile of pillows.

This is where I found the little moth I enjoyed drawing so much. Occasionally I find other
bugs there. Still alive they are set free, if not they end up being drawn by me. Buried beneath
my huge pile of pillows I recently found a beautiful bumblebee. Just like the moth very
dramatic, with two little legs stretched out into the air as if to bid a final farewell.

I have to confess my feelings towards insects are a bit ambiguous. They are useful, beautiful
and can even be cute but they creep me out at the same time. While drawing this bumblebee
time after time, I was captivated by its beauty, detail, soft hair and wings but sometimes I
would feel shivers go down my spine.

In the near future I want to do something with this ambiguity towards insects but I'm still
brooding on the how and what. To be continued :)