Recently I got accused of spamming and it kinda broke my heart.
The person who accused me of spamming is someone who repeatedly bought work of mine
and would be very engaged at events etc.
They accused me of sending out daily mails, which I don’t, so I didn’t understand what they
were talking about. There had to be a misunderstanding.
As it turns out they were not talking about mail but about Facebook updates, they advised me
not to have so many events and not to post daily, which again I don’t and from a business
view maybe I should…

Reading this explanation I felt hurt but I also got angry. I have lots of creative friends, almost
everything they post is about art, what they created that day, what inspires them or news
from the creative world they find important or interesting.
The reason why I post about my art is because that’s what’s important in my life, that’s what I
love doing most.
Facebook is used to share about what’s happening in your life and that’s what I’m doing,
sharing about my life and my life is mostly about art.

This person meant well but I think they were wrong to tell me what to do on Facebook.
I don’t tell others not to share their plates of food as much, I don’t tell others not to share
pictures of their runny nosed children, their pets, their depressed rants, their tireless selfies
or whatever. Their Facebook profile is theirs to use to their liking and need and if I don’t like it I
can choose to ignore the post or even stop following this person. That’s my choice, it’s not
my place to tell others what they should or shouldn’t do on Facebook.

So, fair warning, I’m going to continue to post about (my) art and inspirations.
On Facebook, on Instagram, on my website and I’m even planning to pick up this blog again wink