Lost my paid job again… Every 1,5 to 2 years I lose my job for different reasons. Companies
go broke, kids grow up, I got a burn out and now I don't even know what happened… So much
for the security of having a “steady” paid job.

I must confess I’m getting sick and tired of starting over and over again and again.
This way I’m just really busy finding jobs, learn the thing and finding a new job again instead of
focussing on my art and getting somewhere with that…

Next to that my art is going slow, I hardly sell anything and get even less commissions than

Now I’ve been thinking about starting printing classes from my home which is also my studio.
Trying to figure out how many hours I should start teaching. Trying to figure out how many
people I can seat. Looking at the place now I think 7 maximum. I will be needing chairs…

Any thoughts and/ or tips??