To be honest, the last few weeks my forest walks were not really fun for me.
Last November there was a round of felling of trees and they're doing a final round now.

Again and again open spaces appear where previously stood proud trees. Again and again
new heaps of sawdust, again and again new piles of branches along the path.

I saw a lot of goldcrests among the branches of a newly felled pine, which was kinda nice.
No doubt it's all very necessary but it still makes me sad. Especially when it comes to old trees,
especially when it comes to trees that are already sprouting.

I took a few of these budding branches home and put them in a vase. No doubt it's of no use
because these branches will die off soon but I wanted to give these buds a chance to bloom.

Anyway, branches start to sprout, the (willow) catkins are hanging from the trees, spring is
approaching and I can't wait to draw these wonderful changes.