This forest diary entry partly dates from April this year.
The last few months I've been so busy I couldn't find the time to continue but today, finally I
finished this page 🎨
'Up Sammy, look up Sammy
Because up there is the blue sky'
is the song by Ramses Shaffy, famous Dutch (and French/ Egyptian/ Polish) chansonnier.
It is a beautiful song, but sometimes there are beautiful treasures to be found on the (forest) floor.
Feathers, hatched blackbird eggs, snail houses, leaves in many colours, dew drops, flowers and
seeds, all kinds of fungi and mosses, the shield of a Polyphylla fullo beetle, a drowned
butterfly, a hornet finished  fighting.
But down there creatures live, crawl and love, creatures such as insects, snails, slugs, toads ...
We walk and cycle into the forest or park and look up and we forget about the world down
there, enjoying "high" and "the blue sky" our feet and tires crush a lot of beautiful lives.
It’s breeding season this time of year for amphibians. Frogs, toads and salamanders
wake up from hibernation at a temperature of 8 to 10° Celcius which has to last for at least 3
consecutive days.
First the smaller men wake up and a little later the ladies follow and travel back to the breeding
ponds where they were born themselves.
However, many will never reach the ponds of pleasure. Their journey ends beneath our feet
or tires. So, Sammy, look down too 🐸