February 24th, 2014

I like books. I like everything about them. I like to read them, flip through them, smell them
and own them. So when I need some information about something I'm still more
likely to look for the answer in a book rather than the internet.

When I re-started this blog I actually did both but I want to share the books I read.
First I started in 'Blog INC' by Joy Deangdeelert Cho (Chronicle Books). A very helpful book
about how to start a blog and make it successful. What I really liked was the fact she
nterviewed lots of good bloggers and you get a nice view on how they started and what it
took to be where they are now.

After that I read 'Blogging For Creatives' by Robin Houghton (HOW Books). The title
appealed to me but it also had lots of new things to offer alongside 'Blog INC'.

'Blogging For Creatives' gives a bit more technical information. It compares different
blogging platforms and it has nice colour pictures that give you inspiration and an idea
about possibilities for your own blog. Both books have good tips about questions one
might have like for instance: "how often should I post?"

So if you want to read more about how to blog I recommend both books.

Right now I'm reading 'How to be an Illustrator' by Darrel Rees (Laurence King). First edition
was 6 years ago and this second edition is nicely updated. Both on information and
beautiful colour illustrations. It's focused on the starting illustrator freshly out of (or still in)
college but that's no problem. Lot's of interviews with both illustrators and others that
are working in the industry. Helpful tips about making a portfolio, job-hunting, financial tips,
promoting yourself etc.
The book is from the UK but includes information about the US and so on.

All books were purchased at ABC - The American Bookcenter (Amsterdam).