March 24th, 2014

Finally after a whole month of silence I can show you what I’ve been doing. Between my
part-time job and the ‘secret project’ in my studio there wasn’t much time left to do
anything else and sorry to say no time for writing substantial blogs. But the silence ends here.
What have I been doing that was so secret?! Well, it might be a little less exciting than it sounds.

I belong to a group of 7 artists that share a studio at Grafisch Collectief Thoets. Our group
is specialized in printing techniques like etching, woodprint, lithograph and silkscreen.
We present ourselves as a group and once a year have an open studio day. We also have a
group of people who donate money so we can continue to exist, organise fun art projects etc.
For these nice, giving people we make a print that’s not for sale, just a special gift to them.

This year Jantine Geels and I were the ones to make the print. We usually do this in a team of
two which results in very surprising prints, very much to the liking of our donators.
The upper part is mine aside from the bee. The stem turning into the umbilical cord ending in
a flower that is also the embryo's belly are mine too. The bee and lower panel showing the
embryo were done by Jantine Geels.

The print resides in a handprinted booklet about Make A Move, a project we contributed to in
October 2013.

It’s been a month of organizing, designing, sketching, (lino-)cutting, printing and folding
(yes, folding!). The print was presented Sunday the 16th and was received positively and I'm
pretty pleased with it also.  

The print was done in a material called SoftCut, something I will talk about in my next blog.