Starting this blog I intended to share all my highs & lows that I would encounter in my art
adventures but as it turned out I didn’t. For the last 7 months it has been nothing but
tumbleweed here.

For me art or the act of making is very personal. When I don’t function properly, the making
doesn’t work properly. For some mysterious reason I didn’t have the energy to do anything.
As it turned out I was having a burn-out. The making had slowed down and for a short period
it even stopped. After the diagnose I continued working at my paid job but two months later
I also needed to press pause on that front and I ended up losing that job.

I’m doing better now but a lot has changed. No job (yet) and I had to give up my shared studio
at Retort.

Having a burn-out, losing my job and studio have inspired me to really take a good look at
myself and made me think and realise what I really want. What I want is to continue being an
artist, make money with my art and art related activities!

This April I rearranged my home so I can use that as my studio and maybe even as a space
to teach. Who needs a proper livingroom when most of your living consists of drawing?!

See you next week!