The last couple of years I’ve been wondering a lot whether I’m on the right track or not. Is my
work good enough (for what?), am I creative enough (in comparison to whom?), do I got
what it takes to make it in this business?

Very hard questions to answer or even think about. ‘No’ scares me to death, or close to it…
By now I do know that I could have done a lot more than I have done and I’m working hard to
change that which is not always easy when recovering from a burn-out. I still want to do
more than my body will let me.

Yesterday for some reason everything came down from its shelves and I couldn’t see
through all the mess. What should I do, where do I start, continue (whatever)?

After the initial panic I picked up my brush and still very confused I continued on one of the
drawings I’m working on. With every brushstroke my mind relaxed and I felt the
mess on the floor of my brain getting back to its shelves. I never felt this process so clearly
happening and I continued to draw. Relaxing, becoming silent turned into certainty that I am
on the right track and I am doing what I’m supposed to do: DRAW!