The last couple of weeks I didn’t spend any time on my larger drawings. I was back at cleaning
my home (as in throwing things out) so it would be a better home studio. Almost ready.

After that I had two weeks of vacation which I spend with my boyfriend and his 4 year old son.
During this time I only did my Drawing A Day which I’m managing to do so for almost a
month now.

For a large part my vacation consisted of doing things a 4 year old enjoys, mostly very active
things and the boy asking a lot of attention. Perfectly normal for a 4 year old.

What I noticed was that these small drawings I did every day formed a much needed ‘me-time’.
They drowned all the noise of the day and brought me back to myself.

So just in a few weeks these daily drawings changed from a daily task, or ‘should’ as
Elle Luna calls them, to a daily necessity or ‘must’.