Finally I can show you what I’ve been up to a few weeks ago! I’ve been working on an
adoption announcement for a Dutch family that adopted a boy from Kenya.

They asked for a realistic (pencil) drawing, combining both Kenyan and Dutch elements.
On the front you can see a big ‘M’ because the boy’s name starts with ‘M’. A loving lioness with
cub and on top of the lioness the family dog. Next to the lioness and cub two stuffed
animals, a zebra that the boy owns and to add something typical Dutch: Miffy (Nijntje)!
In the back baobab trees, very common in Kenya. Up in the sky the star constellation
Capricornus, the constellation the boy was born under. The lion cub grabbing at the stars was
on the inside of the card next to some other drawings that I’ll post later.

I really enjoyed doing this commission and I’m glad the family was very happy with the result.