Right after I said ‘yes’ to the commission of the adoption announcement I got a call from a
friend of mine. He asked how I felt about putting together a painting in a Bauhaus kinda
abstract way.
First I asked when it was supposed to be finished. Luckily I would have plenty of time
first to finish the adoption announcement and then start on the painting.

I told him I didn’t do any regular (acrylics or oil) painting in 14 years but hey, it’s like riding a
bike, right? And did you notice I never do abstract art? Ahem…

It ended up being a fun commission, solving all kinds of problems.
The painting needed to be 60 x 60 cm, depicting a red square, a blue circle and a yellow triangle.
Very Bauhaus. Also there needed to be structure in the painting, preferably the same
structures as the sculpture my painting should be based on. I think it turned out pretty well.