Just realized I didn’t tell you about experiment # 3: claybord by Ampersand. I had big hopes for
this one because on the leaflet that comes with the claybord it says: ‘absorbent (…), perfect for
inks, gouache, egg tempera, pencil (…)’ so I thought it would be perfect for my ink and
pencil combination.

When I got it out of the wrapping the surface felt smooth. I wondered how this was going to
absorb and hold watery materials. Well, it didn’t.

To save the mess I tried to sand the surface and that helped a little but didn’t give the results
that I was hoping for. So as for Ampersand surfaces I’ll stick to the aquabord.

For the drawing below I used Derwent Inktensepencils, Lukas Illucolor Pigmented ink
and it is done on Ampersand aquabord.