December 19th, 2013

Do you know that moment where you want to start drawing but you just can’t? I was at that
moment March 2013. To overcome this problem I decided to draw what was close to
me or what was literally near to me.

The orchids on my windowsill were about to bloom so I tried drawing these. I love flowers
but never took the time to draw them, I thought it would bore me. From the moment I
started those first lines I was hooked, I couldn’t stop!

The idea to draw the orchids throughout their blooming period came to mind. Orchids tend to
bloom for very long periods of time so next to orchids I started to draw tulips, sunflowers,

Doing this I noticed that I enjoyed one moment most: when a flower starts to dry out,
becomes translucent in a way and takes on a whole different persona.