For the last couple of weeks I find it hard to come up with things to write about or post on social media 📱
Partly because it’s still winter and the forest is mostly cold, grey and boring and also because I’m still busy cleaning my home studio. Or actually it has become reorganising my home studio!
In my previous blog post I wrote about cleaning and putting things away but since then things have changed.
Recently my boyfriend and I were talking about how his home is overflowing with (mostly his) books. Part of his space is now occupied by my books so I offered to move my books back to my home which means I have to move my furniture around to make room for the return of this huge bookcase 📚
Which meant a lot of useless arguments with power sockets, radiators and radiator piping.
And also throwing out even more stuff than I already had. This is by no means a bad thing but it does take a lot of time. Time I rather would be painting 🎨😉

Today I took the time to have a little walk at the Amsterdam Forest where I met lots of robins and found an egg that sadly didn’t hatch but something was definitely growing 🌱