a) Linocut cut in two, b) Lino inked and put together again, c) Test print with baren by Woodzilla

Yesterday I printed the edition of The Frog Prince I started drawing a month ago. 

From the beginning I planned to print the frog in black and the ball in gold ink, since it is the
golden ball that belongs to a certain princess who accidentally dropped it in a well.

I wasn’t sure how I would do this and in the end I decided to cut the print in two (which was
quite a delicate endeavour) and print them at the same time.

So I would separately apply black ink to the frog, gold ink to the ball and then puzzle the two
parts together (which again, was a very delicate endeavour) and print them by hand.

The baren I used for printing was made by Jan Elzinga or Woodzilla, you can find his Etsy shop here.

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Last Easter Sunday was my first time back at Artplein Spui after almost 2 years. I was quite
nervous about returning. A day like that runs more smoothly when you’re in your routine and
I feared I had lost just that after being away for a time.
The day starts early packing my bag, bringing food, tea etc and dressing like it’s way below
zero (Celsius) because being out all day is pretty cold most of the time. Then I get on my
bike and go to my studio at the Nassaukade where I have my cargo bike loaded with my art,
my high fold up chair, lamps, plastic back- and side cover and 3 big pieces of cloth to cover the
stands’ table, front and back, and much much more. All in all the cargo bike is pretty heavy.
It’s always an adventure to manoeuvre it through the centre of Amsterdam.
Next stop is Spui square where the empty stands are ready for “dress-up”. This takes about
between an hour or an hour and a half depending on any help, how much stuff you
have and routine… It took me quite a while because I don’t have any help and my routine
was a bit rusty but when everything was ready it felt like I never had been away.
It was good to see so many familiar faces and so nice to meet fun new colleagues like
Marije Dijkema and Cil Laurens.
The reason why I stopped presenting my art at Artplein Spui was because I was spending more
money than would come in… I think most people who come across the Spui stumble on
the artmarket by accident, they’re just pass by or going from A to B. They’re not prepared to
spend a lot of money.

That’s why I decided not to bring any of my drawings or paintings, just my lino prints and
some dry point etchings, all between € 20,- and € 100,- which I think is very affordable. Next to
that I brought my Sleeping Animal cards and some hand stamped cards I recently made.
I also brought some test prints of the tote bag I’m working on (ink is still not dry!). I sold one
bag to a friend but you won’t see the bags back at Artplein Spui because I’m not allowed to sell
them there.
Next to my illegal bag I sold 5 cards which is pretty depressing I think. Again, spending more
than is coming in…
I don’t want to quit after just one foul ball but it reminds me of what I recently heard on a
podcast I like to listen to: Your Creative Push. Presenter Youngman Brown interviewed
Cindy Hohman of the Art Marketing Project. She said you don’t only have to know who your
audience is but you can actually choose your audience. And just maybe my audience is not to
be found at Artplein Spui and just maybe I should stop looking for my audience there…

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Weekly bug stamp: Common Yellow Swallowtail / Papilio Machaon / Koninginnenpage

In my blog dating from January 31st I wrote about how I organize my week but I’ve noticed
it’s not really working for me.
My activities get too splintered and because of that projects take too long.

So I decided for now to focus on printmaking. Making new work, continue with my weekly
bugs and finally continue with my hand printed tote bags!
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Busy week this week. Both preparing for the upcoming artmarket at Artplein Spui and
standing in for colleagues from my part-time job who are on their holidays which leaves not
much time to create.
On Instagram I’m participating in Joanne Hawker’s March Meet the Maker which is quite
fun. Mostly because you get to read each other’s stories and I’m glad to get to know my
Insta-friends better smile
This picture is from yesterday’s prompt: Tools & Materials.

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Me at Artplein Spui Amsterdam in 2016

After being away for a while I’m starting again at the artmarket Artplein Spui Amsterdam!!
These are the dates I’ll be participating in 2018:

April 1
May 27
June 24 (stand in, so not definite yet)
September 16
October 14
November 11
December 9

Fun fact: Art Plein Spui Amsterdam celebrates its 30th birthday this year and I’m sure
festivities will happen smile

Visit Artplein Spui Amsterdam every Sunday from 11:00 till 06:30 (February – December).
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