In 2012 I got my first smart phone, I was a late adopter. In the past I did have a little camera but I didn’t have that on me all the time, as for my phone…
Not long after I got my smart phone I started taking pictures of things growing in the neighbourhood where I live, mostly flowers but also bees and butterflies that would often hang out on mentioned flowers.

I still remember the first picture I took of a (larger) dead animal. I was visiting a friend that lived in the east of the country, not far from the German border.
We were walking and talking as friends do. I startled her when I stopped dead in my tracks.
To our right was a ditch, all filled with brown leaves and that’s where I noticed a furry body. I got a little closer and saw it was a dead hare. I stood there watching for a bit and then decided to take a picture.
My friend got a bit creeped out, I tried to explain it wasn’t out of disrespect, it was the opposite. Taking a picture to me was my way of showing respect, showing the hare that it was seen, that this death didn’t stay unnoticed.

Since that day I’ve taken many more pictures of dead animals: insects, fish, toads, mice, rats, moles, hedgehogs and so many birds.

Taking pictures, making sure their death doesn’t go unnoticed.
A few end up in my paintings, others find their way to my forest diary or my 5x5 cm zigzag sketchbook.