More fluffiness!!

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This is a hazel- or common dormouse. Master of hibernation. It hibernates from October to
April/ May. Also a master of cuteness hugging its own tail while sleeping.

I’m particularly happy about how the little hind legs turned out.

Hibernating hazel- or common dormouse, Linocut, 30x24 cm, 2017

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This one was a challenge. Just a bundle of fur and only light and dark to make it the sleepy
dormouse that it is.

Tomorrow I’ll know whether or not I did succeed…

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Cutting is so much more work than printing (I’m only going to print 15 of each)!
I was very happy to start a little early or I wouldn’t have finished in time for printing day
Also happy with the result, it makes me want to curl up and…
No, stop, no time for hibernating!!

Sleepy Cat, Linocut, 30x24 cm, 2017

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This is the 3rd time I’m participating in Leslie Saeta’s ‘30 Paintings in 30 Days’ challenge
except this time I’m not painting and not creating 30 works of art.

I’ve been planning to pick up lino cutting for a while so I rename the challenge:
’15 Lino’s in 30 Days’!
Cut one day, print the next.
The idea of these challenges is to create more art than you normally would, learn, have fun
and start the new year creative and productive. In a time you would rather stay in bed and
hibernate all winter do a project instead.

This idea inspired me to the following theme: hibernation/ sleep. All 15 lino’s will be of sleepy,
curled-up animals.

First in the series is this cat. Tomorrow it’s time to print!!

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