This is the first time in two years I'm not doing a 30 in 30 project in January.
The 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge by Leslie Saeta is postponed to February but I don't
think I'll participate this time.

The last two years December and January were very hectic. Planning, preparing, making,
posting, it was fun and I learned a lot but it was also very trying because it would take place
during the Christmas holidays when my boyfriends' son would be with us. With me
ending up not being able to do fun stuff with them or work long hours one day to work ahead
and have fun the next.

This year I really enjoyed the downtime during the holidays and I’m planning to make my art
in a more relaxed setting and listen to my gut because I was just stressed all the time.

Still, doing nothing is hard so I made some small projects. I cut a brand stamp and also a
name stamp in my own handwriting. Can't wait to use these on new projects and shipments.

I do have some plans for the next few months but I either just started or am still in the
experimental phase so more on that soon.

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Every year I make a New Years print for everyone who bought original art by me.
This year I decided on a single snowdrop. That precious little flower that pops up first
foreboding spring when nature is still quite cold. I love the promise it represents.

The ink I used for this print is a mix of silver and Prussian blue. I added the blue to make the
colour a bit darker and more diverse. Funny thing was when I moved the ink around with my
palette knife or ink roller it would look blue, when left alone it would turn silver again.

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Yay! Thanks to a couple of really nice people who pre-ordered my 10 then still to be printed
greeting cards of the ’15 Lino’s in 30 Days’ series I was able to actually have them printed!
Now the whole series of Sleeping Animals is complete and for sale at my webshop smile

Last January I did the ’15 Lino’s in 30 Days’ project as a part of Leslie Saeta’s project
30 Paintings in 30 Days’ which she does every January and September.
Cutting and printing 30 would be too much so I decided on 15. The project was a success.
I managed to do all 15 lino’s, people liked them and I had some sales.
The perfect project to turn into a series of greeting cards I thought but having them made
all at once would be an expensive endeavour so I decided on printing a third.

Since I have an Open Studio coming up on the 12th of November I thought it would be nice to
have the series complete by then and I asked friends, family and followers to help me out.
So thank you Ron, Frans, Joyce, Siemen, Jos, Claudia and Jantiene for your (pre-) orders,
helping me to finance the remaining 10 cards.
And last but not least, thank you Peter Print for your great printing advice!

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A little while ago I started a series of small watercolour paintings on Ampersand Encausticbord.
They are all 7,5 x 12,7 cm and based on pictures I took during the summer. The one on
the right, the raspberry, is not finished yet and I hope to do one more before my Open Studio
which will be at Sunday November 12th.
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