Not showing the face again just because this is what they look like when I visit at the zoo. Always.

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At the last moment I decided to add a little hint of an eye. The so called robbers mask was
a bit too black without it I think. Mischief managed.
Oh, and a good night's rest did help!

Sleepy Raccoon, Linocut, 30x24 cm, 2017
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Cutting this raccoon was actually the first time my hands started to hurt. I expected that to
happen much earlier. As some people asked a while ago my fingertips feel funny, my thumb
hurts and also my old injury started to act up. I hope a good night’s sleep will help…

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Yay, also happy with this one! I love how the fur looks like a wavy surface.
After this one I can actually picture myself making birth announcements like this!

Sleepy Fawn, Linocut, 30x24 cm, 2017
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Every year I try to make a New year’s print for my customers. This year a sleeping fawn
much like this one. In a way the New year’s print was the first of this series. I wanted to
include a fawn in this series because they are so sweet hiding in the tall grass. This one is
similar to the one I did before but definitely not the same!

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