Every year I try to make a New year’s print for my customers. This year a sleeping fawn
much like this one. In a way the New year’s print was the first of this series. I wanted to
include a fawn in this series because they are so sweet hiding in the tall grass. This one is
similar to the one I did before but definitely not the same!

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I like everything about this image, the striped face, the big button-nose , the feet… and also
how the fur ended up. Again, like the skunk-print a lot of fun to cut.

Sleepy Badger, Linocut, 30x24 cm, 2017
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Black-and-white animal number two: the European badger!
The European badger has a bit more of a sweet appearance compared to the American badger
and honey badger who look more stocky. European badgers are known to have big
families and share their burrows with other animals like rabbits, red foxes and raccoon dogs.

All badgers are carnivores. European badgers feed mainly on earthworms, large insects,
small mammals, carrion, cereals and root tubers.

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Quite happy with the result! This baby skunk was fun to cut and I also like how black and
white work together.

Sleepy Skunk, Linocut, 30x24 cm, 2017
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Confession time. The last few prints were fun to do but I missed something. I guess they
are all very open with not much shadow to play with.

So I decided to look for some black-and-white animals that would provide ‘play’.
First one is this baby skunk. I can’t wait for tomorrow!

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