Weekly bug stamp: Common Yellow Swallowtail / Papilio Machaon / Koninginnenpage

In my blog dating from January 31st I wrote about how I organize my week but I’ve noticed
it’s not really working for me.
My activities get too splintered and because of that projects take too long.

So I decided for now to focus on printmaking. Making new work, continue with my weekly
bugs and finally continue with my hand printed tote bags!
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Busy week this week. Both preparing for the upcoming artmarket at Artplein Spui and
standing in for colleagues from my part-time job who are on their holidays which leaves not
much time to create.
On Instagram I’m participating in Joanne Hawker’s March Meet the Maker which is quite
fun. Mostly because you get to read each other’s stories and I’m glad to get to know my
Insta-friends better smile
This picture is from yesterday’s prompt: Tools & Materials.

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Me at Artplein Spui Amsterdam in 2016

After being away for a while I’m starting again at the artmarket Artplein Spui Amsterdam!!
These are the dates I’ll be participating in 2018:

April 1
May 27
June 24 (stand in, so not definite yet)
September 16
October 14
November 11
December 9

Fun fact: Art Plein Spui Amsterdam celebrates its 30th birthday this year and I’m sure
festivities will happen smile

Visit Artplein Spui Amsterdam every Sunday from 11:00 till 06:30 (February – December).
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Toad with Cherry Blossom Petals, 2018, watercolour, mounted paper on wood, 20 x 30 cm

This January I wrote a blog about mounting watercolour paper on a wooden panel.
In February I wrote a blog about how I had started painting on the panel and now in March
I’m writing another a blog about the panel letting you know it’s finished.

Last year I made 5 watercolour miniatures on Ampersand encausticbord. In 2016 I made my
Flower Portrait series which were a combination of bistre with sometimes ecoline
or watercolour. In the past I’ve been drawing in bistre a lot but always combining bistre with
Indian ink, soft pastels or Derwent Inktense pencils.

This toad is my first detailed watercolour project of this size (20 x 30 cm) and I loved
every moment working on it.

Sure, there were moments of procrastination when I was nervous about how to go on but it
got never frustrating.

Working on this project I fell in love with the medium of watercolour (combined with the
paper being mounted on a hard surface) so you will see plenty more in the near future!

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Last week I spend working on a commission which I can’t say anything about just yet.
The art I made is a present for someone I know whom in theory could read this post so I’m not
saying anything until the present has been received.

The only thing I will share is that the blob of paint in the picture above is a mixture of
Marabu’s Metallic-Liner Metallic-Olive and Metallic-Dark Green and was used for the said

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