Another naked animal but this time truly naked animal. I think I prefer them with fur but
this curled up, sleeping creature was a lot of fun to carve!

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As far as cutting goes this one was a welcome relief from all the fluff. The line work is very
different here because in my previous 4 lino’s the cuts suggest form through hair and in this
one just form.

Nice little wiener-dog.

Sleepy Dachshund, Linocut, 30x24 cm, 2017

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This was a welcome break after all that fluffy fur!

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Yesterday I was a bit insecure about how this one would turn out but I think the image is
clear enough. Do you see what it is?

Sleepy Wolf, Linocut, 30x24 cm, 2017
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I’m a bit nervous about this one. Will the image be strong enough so others will see what it is?
Let’s find out tomorrow…

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